Hillary Campaign Mgr. Wanted To Use “Decoy” To Distract Public From Email Scandal


Immediately after The New York Times first reported on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email scandal in March 2015, the current Democrat nominee’s campaign manager Robby Mook wrote an email to campaign chair John Podesta suggesting that they release a “decoy” story.

“I think we should get a credible leak out that we’re announcing on the 20th,” he wrote in the email published Monday by WikiLeaks. “As a decoy.”

The email was sent on March 12, 10 days after The Times first revealed to the masses that Clinton had used a personal email account to conduct State Department-related business.

It was presumed that the “decoy” plan was to leak to the press that the former secretary of state would be announcing her candidacy on March 20.



As reported by The Daily Caller, however, Podesta never responded to the email, and Clinton wound up waiting until April 12 to announce her candidacy.

Mook’s intention had basically been to try to trick both the media and the American people so as to distract them from the former secretary of state’s email woes.

By the final month of the presidential election, over a year and a half after the Democrat nominee’s campaign manager tried to put one over on the American people, her email scandal was still trending in the news.

If anything, the scandal had only grown 10 times worse — both because of the FBI’s continued investigation into Clinton’s actions and because of the campaign emails published by WikiLeaks.

Clinton, Mook, Podesta and numerous other officials in the campaign had been exposed for their lies, and there was no decoy on earth big enough to distract Americans from what had become an undeniable truth — that Clinton and nearly everything she touched were corrupt.

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