Hillary Camp Sick They Didn’t Take Woman’s Phone Before She Got These Pics at Rally


On Tuesday, Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton held a modest campaign rally in Haverford, Pennsylvania, with her daughter Chelsea Clinton and actor Elizabeth Banks, before what seemed like a reasonably large crowd.

However, what Twitter user Erica Setnick claims to have found would be a massive embarrassment to the Clinton campaign.

It appears that the Clinton campaign had to bus in fans to bolster turnout.

Setnick, an avid Trump supporter, put on a Hillary sticker and, disguise intact, snapped a photo over her shoulder of the school bus that brought the supporters:

“This sticker is my ticket to get in,” she tweeted. “Peep the bussed (sic) in supporters in the back.”

Although this picture would be pretty condemning anywhere, what may actually be more frightening for the Clinton campaign is where the rally is taking place — in a state that is currently a vitally important battleground state, according to Politico.

If Clinton is having that hard a time packing a modest rally in Pennsylvania, it is very difficult to posit reasonably that she is going to win there. Carrying Pennsylvania would be of enormous importance for GOP nominee Donald Trump.

After the initial photo, Erica provided a video of the supporters she claims to have seen coming from the bus. “Possible bussed (sic) in supporters?” she tweeted. “Pretty picturesque group of actors.”

According to Setnick, the venue could not have held more than 300 supporters — and Clinton still needed to bring her own.

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