Hillary Camp Informed of Sexual Harassment… Appear to Have Done Absolutely NOTHING


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been under attack by the liberal media for the past week after several women came forward to claim out of the blue that Trump had sexually assaulted them years ago.

Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton has mostly kept quiet about these allegations, preferring to let her media allies do her job for her. However, it now appears that the tables may be about to turn, thanks to a newly released email courtesy of WikiLeaks.

The email, which was sent on Jan. 29, 2015, was from David Catanese, the senior politics writer for U.S. News and World Report, to Mara Lee, a Clinton campaign staffer, and it dealt with allegations of sexual assault.

“I was recently contacted by a source who claims to have worked on the 2008 Hillary Clinton campaign and is alleging that Marlon Marshall made unwelcome sexual advances and propositions towards women on the campaign repeatedly,” he wrote.

“The allegation is that he would ‘corner women, make them uncomfortable and make suggestions about having sex,’” the email read.

While that in and of itself is shocking, it is what the Clinton campaign did or in this case didn’t do about the allegations.

“The source also claims that (campaign manager )Robby Mook was made aware of the issue but declined to act on it or intervene because he is personal friends with Marshall,” Catanese wrote.


So the campaign that claims to stand for all women appears not even to have bothered to investigate claims of sexual assault against one of its own. That’s disgusting, and very hypocritical.

The email that Catanese wrote to Lee was then forwarded to Marshall and Mook, who then forwarded it to Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta.

This email could be particularly damaging to Clinton because if there is even the remotest possibility that what is alleged is true, that seriously damages Clinton’s image among women — a demographic she needs if she is to win in November.

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Source: conservativetribune.com