Here’s The ONE Question No Liberal Protester Can Answer

Heres The ONE Question No Liberal Protester Can Answer


Robert Gehl reports that the hundreds of thousands of women stomping around in Washington Saturday made a big scene and a big noise, but for many women, it’s sound and fury for nothing.

Asked about the following day’s big event at the inauguration, many women who supported Trump weren’t sure what all the hullabaloo was about.

“I think it’s great, do your thing, but I just don’t know what they’re doing it for. They’re talking about rights, women’s rights, but what rights are being taken away from any women?” asked Susan Clarke, 50, who came to the capital from Charlotte, North Carolina, and wore a blue, bedazzled “Tar Heel Deplorable” shirt. “I don’t understand what the point is.”

In more than 600 cities around the world, hundreds of thousands of women marched and paraded around in their “pussy hats,” but it was all a bit baffling to women that McClatchy spoke with.


“They can protest, it’s their right, but don’t call it the ‘Women’s March,’” said Ellie Todd, 23, who drove to the inauguration with two friends from Spartanburg, South Carolina. “That makes it sounds like it’s a big unified thing, when really they’re picking very divisive issues and protesting against Trump – who by the way is now our president – instead of for something that would bring us all together. It’s not all women.”

In fact, 53 percent of white women and 43 percent of all women voted for Trump.

Organizers have insisted that the march isn’t an anti-Trump protest but rather a rallying cry for women’s issues and a range of liberal causes that could be threatened by the Trump administration. The event’s policy platform covers issues such as racial profiling, climate change, abortion and LGBTQ rights. The official website lists 177 partners including Planned Parenthood, the Human Rights Campaign, the NAACP and Voto Latino.


Other women who celebrated the inauguration said Trump was simply misunderstood by the women protesting him.

“I want to tell them, ‘Ladies – what are you doing?’ ” asked Donna Lutz, 71, who came to Washington from Gainesville, Florida.

“Look at his beautiful daughters. Look at the woman he put in charge of his campaign, a woman that has done an extraordinary job,” she said, pointing out that women who had worked with Trump for years spoke at the Republican National Convention.


“They said he was a great boss; we got paid the same,” she said. Women would have understood Trump if they “had just given him a chance . . . and read some of the things he said, not what someone else wanted to emphasize about (what) he said.”

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