Here’s The Nasty Truth About Castro’s Internment Camps


As the liberal mainstream media disgustingly mourn the death of cruel Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, conservatives have been telling the truth about his vicious legacy.

One of the most atrocious acts by Castro was his establishment of internment camps in the 1960s, called “Military Units to Aid Production,” where young prisoners, particularly young homosexual men, were forced to work and were often killed or died due to poor living conditions.

In fact, for two decades the Cuban government, directed by Castro, forced gay men into these labor camps without charge or trial, CNN reported in 2010.

But now that Castro has died, the media have seemingly forgotten about these grave violations of human rights, which is particularly ironic, considering that homosexual rights have become the gold star of liberal causes today.

These concentration camps for gays, social misfits and others who were considered contrary to the communist country’s aims, were completely enclosed by high barbed wire, had machine guns in each watchtower and ferocious dogs keeping watch below, the conservative website  Discover the Networks reported.

The camp that housed homosexuals featured a sign that read “Work Will Make Men Out of You” above the entrance gate, eerily reminiscent of Auschwitz’s “Work Will Set You Free.”

In reality, the work these innocent people were being forced to perform only brought them roughly $7 a month in exchange for 60-hour work weeks, Paul Kidd explained in an article for United Press International in 1966 after he traveled through Cuba for 12 days before being exiled.

“The system of discipline is simple,” Kidd wrote. “If inmates don´t work, they don’t get fed.”

But these prisoners weren’t just inhumanely worked by their communist guards, they were also brutally beaten on a regular basis and indoctrinated with communist propaganda every night.

In total, at least 30,000 Cubans were imprisoned at one point in the roughly 200 internment camps in central Cuba, according to a report by the Interamerican Commission for Human Rights of the Organization of American States.

Even though homosexuals may no longer be herded into these concentration camps and worked to death, the Cuban government — under the Castro family’s regime — has continued to harass them because of their sexual orientation, according to the New York Daily News, the liberal New York tabloid.

Yet liberals and the mainstream media have treated Castro and the devastating legacy he left his country as something worthy of mourning and respect.

The truth is that Castro was an evil dictator who imprisoned, tortured and killed thousands of his own people in the name of communist ideology.

He was no hero, despite what the media are trying to portray, and we must ensure that history doesn’t remember him as such.

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