Here’s What Happened To Diversity In Congress The Night Trump Won


The same allegedly racist Americans who voted allegedly racist Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump into office last week also just happened to vote into office the most racially diverse Congress in U.S. history.

“Record numbers of Hispanics, African-Americans, Asian-Americans and women of color will serve in the next legislative session,” reported The Hill.

Specifically, the new Congress was slated to feature 38 Hispanics, 49 African-Americans and 15 Asian-Americans. The number of women of color will quadruple, and the Senate will have its largest-ever number of female members, at 21. President-elect Trump’s victory hasn’t had the results the left predicted.

The point was that this idea of liberals that Trump had won because of widespread racism in America was just plain false.


If America were even an iota as racist as liberals have alleged, then the next Congress would not be so diverse. The American people were not racists, and neither was Donald Trump. In reality, the only ones perpetuating racism (among other hateful beliefs) were liberal Democrats, who felt it necessary to pigeonhole everyone.

Americans were also not homophobic or sexist, let alone bigoted against non-Christian religions, which was evident by the fact that the new Congress was to feature seven homosexuals, 104 women and 39 non-Christians.

The truth is that far too many liberals do not see and have never seen people as individuals, but rather as tools useful for political purposes. It is this same backward mentality that has often spurred Democrats into attacking minorities who refuse to toe their political line.

But here is an even more pertinent truth: This revelation regarding the most racially diverse Congress should not even matter, as the quality of a Congress should be judged by its members’ individual talents and abilities, not their skin color, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

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