Here’s The Disgusting Thing Muslims Did To Male Slaves… Be Warned, This Is Graphic

Heres The Disgusting Thing Muslims Did To Male Slaves Be Warned This Is Graphic

Slavery in the United States left a deep scar on our nation’s history. Many Americans use this blemish to fuel current feelings of racial animosity and conflict in our country.

These people seldom consider, however, that while our bout with slavery is in the distant past, a current slavery issue exists today in Muslim countries. When compared to American slavery, Muslim slavery has historically proven to be distinctively more morbid.

In his book, “Marked For Death,” Geert Wilders explained how one sinister practice in particular led to a fatality rate of 80 to 90 percent among Muslim slaves.

According to Mad World News, the book provides specific instructions for the Muslim practice of castrating male slaves.

Muslim slave owners would have the genitalia of male slaves removed to ensure their trustworthiness around female slaves. Often times, this occurred in one “hack” which led to “massive blood loss, and most often death.”

For those few slaves who actually survived this horrific procedure, they would then have a “straw-like tube inserted into the urethra to ensure an opening for urination would remain after the wounds begin to close.”

Unfortunately, even those who survived the initial procedure would often not survive the days that followed. The inability to urinate posed threats of infection, and many of these men would soon die of dysentery.

According to Mad World News, nearly 14 million blacks are currently enslaved by Muslims. At least 600,000 of these are enslaved in Mauritania, 35,000 in Sudan and an estimated 1.7 million in Pakistan.

These crimes against humanity are taking place right now. Instead of focusing our energy on wrongs our ancestors committed in the past, we should be more concerned with the on-going, violent slavery taking place in Muslim countries today.

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