Hate Vandalism Shows up on Home… Town Stunned When Shock Suspect Revealed

Hate Vandalism Shows up on Home Town Stunned When Shock Suspect Revealed

Last month, a then-unknown thug spray-painted a swastika and the words “F–k Arabs” on the garage door of Sylvania Township resident Souheir Eltatawi’s home, provoking fears about anti-Arab backlash and bigotry.

“I never knew that this would happen,” Eltatawi’s daughter, Malak Ayache, wrote on Facebook at the time. “I thought all the tales of (A)rab hatred were fake, until this happened tonight. My heart is aching and beating with pain. I fear my moms life, I fear my own life, the fact that someone who did this knew where I lived and knew that I was Arab petrifies me.”

What the young lady did not know at the time was that she had been dead right about anti-Arab hate crimes usually being fake.

As reported by Fox News, the perpetrator has since been outed as a young 28-year-old Arab man named Osama Nazzal.

Moreover, it has been learned that Nazzal’s actions were not motivated by ethnic hatred but rather by a personal slight.

“Police say he told them he felt threatened after the homeowner’s daughter snickered at him in a college library, so he researched her address and spray-painted the graffiti,” Fox News explained.

Clearly, Nazzal was not a racist or bigot of some kind but just a disturbed young man. He has since pleaded no contest and is scheduled to be sentenced on May 4, at which time he will face up to 90 days in jail and a $750 fine, according to The Blade (Toledo).

As for Eltatawi’s family, they have reportedly been inundated with love from their local community, which placed encouraging messages on the defaced garage door and then later donated a whole new door altogether.

This whole incident does make one wonder though about just how legitimate (or illegitimate) are claims by the liberal media of an epidemic of anti-Arab (or Muslim) hate crimes?

As noted by The Daily Signal, late last year the fake-news-loving liberal media began citing a study by the Southern Poverty Law Center claiming that 900 hate crimes had been carried out after the election of President Donald Trump. What they neglected to mention is that the SPLC had not confirmed that any of the alleged crimes had actually occurred.

“Yet, the fact that there was no verification of these incidents didn’t stop the media from covering this ‘study,’” the Signal noted.

And that’s the problem. To the liberal media, any act of harassment, intimidation, violence or vandalism involving minorities automatically counts as a hate crime, the actual evidence notwithstanding.

This is why even Malak Ayache, a minority herself, believed that “all the tales of (A)rab hatred were fake.”

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