Harpie on “The View” Gets Brutal Lesson After Trying to Get Dr Phil to Trash Trump

Harpie on The View Gets Brutal Lesson After Trying to Get Dr Phil to Trash Trump

An attempt by “The View” co-host Joy Behar to manipulate Dr. Phil McGraw into diagnosing President Donald Trump as a narcissist hilariously blew up in her face on Thursday’s episode of the ailing program.

“Therapists … are saying that Donald Trump is showing signs of narcissism,” Behar told Dr. Phil. “Which by the way, one of the symptoms is preoccupied with the fantasies of unlimited power, success and brilliance and they’re questioning that he has narcissistic disorder.

“Number one, do you think that’s a mental illness, narcissism, and if so, is he fit to be president?” she then asked.

The doctor responded by first listing the symptoms of narcissism and then making a remarkable and quite ironic observation: “(I)f you take out everybody that has any of those characteristics then you’re going to take out a lot of people, including some at this table.”

In other words, while Trump may be a narcissist, according to the symptoms outlined by Dr. Phil, chances are high that Behar and her co-hosts (including Whoopi Goldberg) are narcissists as well.

Go figure.

Listen to the relevant portion of the show below:

Plus, Trump is by no means the only president to ever be accused of displaying narcissistic tendencies. In a blog post published a couple years back, Dr. Sam Vaknin, author of “Malignant Self Love: Narcissism Revisited,” argued that “(former President) Barack Obama appears to be a narcissist.”

Conservative columnist and certified psychologist Charles Krauthammer later echoed this sentiment while speaking on “The Hugh Hewitt Show,” according to Politico.

“Obama is clearly a narcissist in the non-scientific use of the word,” he said. “He is so self-involved — you see it from his rise.”

Yet never once did Behar or her co-hosts make an issue out of the former president’s clear-cut narcissism — which suggests that while they may not necessarily be narcissists, they are definitely hypocrites.

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