It’s Happening… Transgender Boy Does the Unthinkable to Girls

Its Happening Transgender Boy Does the Unthinkable to Girls

The issue of transgender rights in America has taken a front seat again after President Donald Trump did away with former President Barack Obama’s federal directive demanding schools let transgendered persons use the bathroom of their choice.

While most of the debate about these people has revolved around where they should go to the bathroom, an interesting situation occurred in Texas that raised even more questions about those confused about their gender, Breitbart reported.

Mack Beggs, who identifies as a 17-year-old transgender boy, actually defeated his female opponent in the Texas state wrestling tournament.

Beggs was born a girl, however she has been undergoing testosterone therapy for the past year to become a boy. Due to Texas law, Beggs must compete against girls because that is the gender that was listed on her birth certificate, The Washington Post reported.

The law was originally written to prevent people transitioning from male to female from being able to win easily if they chose to compete in women’s matches.

Ironically enough, a major reason why Beggs got into the state tournament was because a few of Beggs’ opponents along the way forfeited rather than get into the ring with her.

Hear that silence? That’s the sound of feminists not screaming about how unfair it is that a “boy” won a girl’s wrestling match.

SportsDay reported that some, including parents of other female wrestlers, said that the Texas law should be reconsidered because this was a situation that never could have been imagined, and the fact that Beggs regularly takes testosterone treatments poses a threat to her opponents.

This entire transgender issue has gotten out of hand — way out of hand. Perhaps instead of trying to figure out new rules to accommodate these people we should focus more on what the heck is causing them to think they are something they aren’t.

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