Hannity Irate Over Allegations He Was An Obama Admin. Surveillance Target

Hannity Irate Over Allegations He Was An Obama Admin Surveillance Target

Fox News host and stalwart Trump supporter Sean Hannity lashed out Tuesday night at claims he may have been a target of Obama-era surveillance.

Journalist Mike Cernovich tweeted Tuesday that Fox News host Sean Hannity and Blackwater founder Erik Prince were under surveillance by the Obama administration. Cernovich was among the first to allege that Susan Rice, former President Barack Obama’s national security adviser, played a leading role in coordinating surveillance of President Donald Trump’s associates.

The allegation was made to Cernovich by Charles Johnson of Gotnews.com, who did not cite any sources for his allegations.

“I have been told that when Susan Rice says that they were not surveilling the transition members – I don’t know if that part’s true. But I can you 100% they were surveilling people who were on this sort of unofficial transition,” said Johnson.

“So these were people who were helping out on the side. People like Erik Prince. People like Sean Hannity. These were folks having their phones monitored. Their phones were drained of power.

“I can tell you 100% Sean Hannity was surveilled and had to change all of his material, change all of his situation on his phone,” he added.

Hannity, who was a strong supporter of President Donald Trump throughout Trump’s campaign, first tweeted his reaction, then replied in depth on his show.

“I have zero knowledge of any surveillance against me, any unmasking against me by the Obama administration,” Hannity said. “But considering that’s the same Obama administration that used the IRS to go after conservative groups, nothing shocks me. But do I have any personal knowledge of it? No, I don’t. Am I worried about it? No. “

Hannity said that if his privacy was invaded as part of the Obama era’s political machinations to negatively impact Trump, he will not sit back quietly.

“I will sue the living pants off of anybody who did it — I promise you that. And I will stop at nothing. And I have the means to attack this for years. And I’ll do it. And I’ll do it on behalf of every American’s right to privacy and to be able to make a confidential phone call or send a text or an email to their friends and loved ones,” he said.

“Good grief. And if I want to talk to somebody in the Trump administration, I ought to have the privacy that is afforded every American. And the fact that Gen. Flynn had his whole life turned upside down because of illegal unmasking and intelligence leaking — that’s why this is so important. You’re next, you understand?” Hannity continued.

Hannity said the claim has unleashed a thousand questions, to which he has no definitive response.

“I don’t know the answer. Everyone is still writing me like a thousand times. I don’t know if it’s true or not. How would I possibly know if surveillance took place on me or unmasking of me? I don’t know. I have no idea. So, everyone that is trying to look out for me — I am not worried at all,” he said.

“As a matter of fact, I’ll be very rich if in fact it happened,” he added. “And I’ll sue Obama himself, Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice — I’ll sue them all by name in a civil action.”

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