GOP Lobbyist Has “Evidence” That Could Reveal Why DNC Analyst Seth Rich Died

GOP Lobbyist Has Evidence That Could Reveal Why DNC Analyst Seth Rich Died

Could Russia be behind the murder of a 27-year-old Democrat National Committee staffer? Some Republicans are asking for an investigation after new clues emerged that the Kremlin could have had a hand in DNC data analyst Seth Rich’s death.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, GOP lobbyist Jack Burkman cited new evidence that suggested Russia played a part in Rich’s murder.

While Washington police simply wrote off Rich’s death as a robbery gone wrong, Burkman has said for some time that he’s not convinced, according to The Daily Caller.

“Now I think we have our first big news in the case — we have leads and evidence of Russian involvement,” he said.

In particular, Burkman said he had been contacted by a man who claimed to be a former U.S. intelligence officer with information about the killing.

“The source has claimed that it (the murder) was arranged by the Russian government at a very high level,” Burkman said. “He didn’t specify who or how. He just said he had knowledge it was arranged by the Russian government and stressed that it was at a high level.”

Burkman declined to provide more specific information about the source.

Burkman wasn’t the only one with questions. Rich’s father, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and others have also weighed in on the case, though Burkman was pressing the Russian angle in particular.

But, why would Russia want Rich gone? Burkman believed that Rich was killed after discovering Russian operatives had hacked the DNC through his work on what Burkman described as a “highly important voter registration program.”

“The allegation is that Seth had discovered what the Russians were doing and that the Russians retaliated because of that discovery,” Burkman noted.

Perhaps an even more chilling fact was that two weeks after Rich’s death, those emails were published by Wikileaks.

While none of this information has yet been confirmed, it could be a game changer if proven true.

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