Girl Goes on Sex Ed “Field Trip,” Then Mom Notices What’s IN Her Arm

Girl Goes on Sex Ed Field Trip Then Mom Notices Whats IN Her Arm

If you needed another example of just how far liberals are willing to go to get involved in your life, look no further.

KOKI reported that a 16-year-old girl from Langston Hughes Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma, went on a sex education trip and returned with a birth control implant in her arm.

Miracle Foster, who was horrified when she found out what the mark on her daughter’s arm meant, said her parental rights had been violated.

The school arranged for a trip to Youth Services of Tulsa for students interested in learning more after hearing a lecture at the school, and Foster’s daughter was one of the students who chose to go.

Apparently learning more can be interpreted as a desire for birth control.

If sticking a three-year birth control implant in a teen’s arm isn’t bad enough, it turns out that Foster has no parental rights in this matter, according to Title X federal guidelines.

Representatives from the organization told WFTV that they are not required to tell parents about any contraceptives given to minors.

In fact, Title X guidelines allow for girls as young as 12 to receive various forms of contraceptives without parental consent.

WFTV reported that school principal Rodney L. Clark released a statement in which he claimed the event was not a “field trip” — but what else do you call an off-site visit by students transported by the school?

He then explained that Youth Services of Tulsa does an “annual in-service on sex education,” adding that Foster gave her daughter permission to leave the school.

You can watch local coverage here:

This mother’s rage is understandable, and what happened to her daughter should not have happened.

If the child is living with the parents, their permission should be required for anything like this. The fact that it’s not shows just how far the leftist agenda has permeated our public schools. The more control the left can take away from parents, they happier they are.

And that’s bad for everybody.

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