Girl Barely Survives Crash, Then Notices Shocking Face Outside Her Window Smiling

Girl Barely Survives Crash Then Notices Shocking Face Outside Her Window Smiling

Miracles happen everyday, usually when we least expect them. Arika Stovall and her boyfriend, Hunter, were on the receiving end of one of those miracles when they got into a devastating car crash but managed to walk away from it.

The two were driving along when their truck slammed into a pole at 85 mph, but despite a crash that Arika said “should have chopped our bodies in half,” the two walked away from the crash almost unharmed.

“While out of breath and trying to move my legs I was screaming, panicked … yelling for Hunter to just say something. I needed to know he was okay. Looking to the drivers seat all I saw was his head through the windshield, a face full of blood, and a body that wasn’t moving,” Arika described in a Facebook post about the experience.

Then she looked out the window and saw something stunning.

“I looked straight out the truck and there was a man, bright with a big white beard. No other cars in sight … just this man. He was my guardian angel,” she wrote.

Arika described how she was so transfixed looking at her guardian angel that she didn’t see rescue workers peeling her boyfriend out of the truck, which she said was a good thing because “I believe if I saw that I would have had a heart attack.”

After they were released for the hospital, only 48 hours after the crash, the two went back to the accident site and found something even more stunning that further strengthened their faith.

“All of our belongings in perfect condition besides a few things here and there … and the only thing left behind at the crash scene is Hunter’s Bible open, with a page marked with Scripture telling us to not be afraid; Jesus is with us,” the Facebook post read.

There is little doubt that this was a miracle. Just seeing the state of the car they were in would be enough to convince you that the passengers were more than a little lucky to survive that crash.

Apparently God had other plans for them.

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