Geraldo Rivera Jumps Ship and Believes That the Wall Should Be Built

Geraldo Rivera Jumps Ship and Believes That the Wall Should Be Built

On Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” on Wednesday, veteran television commentator and liberal Geraldo Rivera made an unexpected statement concerning his position on President Donald Trump’s border wall ambitions.

“I’m going to shock you,” Rivera told O’Reilly and fellow Fox News host Eric Bolling. Then he dropped this bombshell:

“I am withdrawing my opposition to the wall.”

In Rivera’s opinion, if folks want the wall, well, they can have it.

“No, listen, elections have consequences,” he continued. “This was his signature issue, and if the people want the wall, which I think is a waste of money …”

He may think it’s a waste of money still, but Geraldo explicitly withdrawing his opposition to the wall is a big deal. How often do you see a major personality publicly back down on an issue as divisive as the wall?

It’s not often.

“Geraldo is down with the wall now,” said O’Reilly. “And you know, I think you should have a piece of the wall… sponsored by Geraldo. You could have your picture there.”

Rivera may have withdrawn his opposition to the wall, but he still thinks it will ultimately prove a waste of time.

“You’re going to have a $25 billion wall and a $25 ladder and the ladder will triumph,” Rivera said.

You can watch the exchange here:

Oh, well. We’ll get him on board eventually.

Of course, the thinking here by O’Reilly is not that illegal immigrants are going to be completely incapable of entering the United States, but that a wall will cut into the importation of drugs into the United States.

If that’s all it does, I’m still behind the wall.

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