George Bush Congratulates Trump On Win Then Gives 1 Major Piece Of Advice


Former President George W. Bush didn’t endorse Donald Trump in spite of the fact that the billionaire real estate and media mogul was the Republican nominee. And while he’s come out and congratulated the president-elect, a new piece of advice from Bush has a lot of Trump supporters angry — or, if you buy what Bush is saying, angrier.

In a speech the former president gave in Dallas in support of free trade, he made remarks many thought implied that Trump’s supporters were merely upset and that the president-elect should buck them if he expects to be successful.

“I understand anger. But anger shouldn’t drive policy,” Bush told the audience. “What needs to drive policy is what’s best for the people who are angry and how does that benefit people in our country and the countries in the neighborhood,” the Chicago Tribune reported.

Note that remark: Bush’s idea is to do “what’s best for the people who are angry,” as if maybe they themselves don’t know what’s best for them.

I have the utmost respect for former President Bush and his service to this country, in spite of his verbal infelicity and occasional bouts of liberalism. However, it’s disappointing to see him among the growing ranks of political figures who somehow believe it’s unethical for a politician to do what he or she was elected to do. And furthermore it’s also dispiriting to see him as the latest to describe a distaste for corruption and insider politics as mere “anger.”

The idea that over 60 million Trump voters strode to the polls in formation last Tuesday, torches ablaze and pitchforks aloft, chanting inchoately about the evils of free trade and Vince Foster conspiracy theories — that’s mostly a myth created by liberal media that needed some way to explain to themselves what happened.

In fact, if you want to see who succumbed to base human emotion and went on a rampage in the aftermath of Nov. 8, just turn on the TV and look at the footage coming out of Portland, Seattle, New York, and other locales across the nation. They were not wearing red baseball caps with white embroidery on them, I can assure you.

Former President Bush reportedly did not vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, instead just voting for down-ballot Republicans. That is his right as an American citizen, and we certainly do not begrudge him that. However, it’s unseemly for him to imply that those who chose to tender their vote for the Republican Party are an unwashed rabble in need of controlling. To claim as much seems a trifle … shall we say, angry?

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