Gen. Mattis Labels “Climate Change” A Threat to National Security

Gen Mattis Labels Climate Change A Threat to National Security

In unpublished written testimony provided to the Senate Armed Services Committee after his confirmation hearing in January, Defense Secretary Gen. James Mattis reportedly cited climate change as a national security concern.

“Climate change is impacting stability in areas of the world where our troops are operating today,” he said, according to ProPublica. “It is appropriate for the combatant commands to incorporate drivers of instability that impact the security environment in their areas into their planning.”

As noted by RT, this was not necessarily surprising, given Mattis’ previous support for climate change initiatives:

“He has said the armed forces should divest from fossil fuels and explore renewable energy. In 2010, he signed the Joint Operating Environment, which named climate change as a security threat the military hoped to tackle.”

Nor was it necessarily of concern, despite the general’s statement seemingly contradicting President Donald Trump’s views on man-change climate change, which Trump considers a hoax.

According to The Daily Caller, the Department of Defense has considered climate change a national security concern for at least a decade. Moreover, Mattis’ statement “reflect(ed) the highly risk-averse thinking of officials in both the Bush and Obama administrations that climate change is one of many scenarios the military may need to adapt to.”

The Daily Caller also noted that Mattis neither “assign(ed) blame for climate change to humans or nature” or “call(ed) for the abandonment of carbon dioxide-emitting fuels,” meaning his remark was not some sort of tacit endorsement of radical liberalism, no matter what the mainstream media would like us to believe.

It was, at its core, just a pragmatic statement about how changes in weather patterns — an abundance of hurricanes, for instance — could potentially affect military concerns. But of course the liberal media did not care for such nuances, and they have tried to hype up Mattis’ remark so as to attack both the energy industry and the president.

If you’re a conservative, do yourself a favor and don’t buy into the media’s narrative. Mattis might be a smidgen more open about the climate-change issue than President Trump himself is, but that in itself doesn’t make him a global warming radical.

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