Front-Runner for French Pres Will Work With Hungary and Poland to Dismantle the EU

Front-Runner for French Pres Will Work With Hungary and Poland to Dismantle the EU

Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s populist Front National party, has offered her help to “dismantle” the European Union with two other countries that have populist-leaning governments and anti-EU sentiments, Breitbart reported.

Le Pen — daughter of controversial, anti-Islamist French political figure Jean-Marie Le Pen — has offered to work with Poland and Hungary to push back against the EU on many points, including migrant quotas, if she is elected president in France’s voting in April and May.

In an interview with Poland’s Rzeczpospolita reported by Breitbart, Le Pen said she would talk to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban “about what seems unacceptable to us in the European Union, what is intolerable in the EU’s actions today.”

She added she would be willing to offer “the same deal” to Jaroslaw Kaczyński, the leader of Law and Justice, the populist-leaning party currently in power in Poland.

“Certainly, we will not agree on everything,” Le Pen said. “But after that, each country is free and sovereign to defend their own interests.”

She added one of the “many points” they would agree on is to end compulsory migrant quotas imposed by the EU, which could fine nations 250,000 euros for every migrant they don’t take.

According to Politico, Poland’s Law and Justice has declined Le Pen’s offer.

Le Pen has been the early leader in French presidential polling for the first round of the election scheduled for April 23, scoring a 26.5 percent to 25.5 percent lead over her closest opponent, Emmanuel Macron, according to Ifop-Fiducial.

However, France’s presidential election is a two-round system. If no candidate wins more than 50 percent of the vote in the first round, a run-off election is scheduled for May 7.

Le Pen’s Front National party remains controversial in France, although she has helped to distance it from a past in which race and religion played a large part in its platform. She even shepherded the removal of her father from the party in 2015 after he made comments dismissive of the Holocaust, according to the BBC.

Long considered a powerful but minor player in French politics, Le Pen has risen to the top of the polls thanks to unusual conditions in the Fifth Republic. The current French president, Socialist Francois Hollande, is so deeply unpopular he didn’t even bother running.

Conservative candidate Francois Fillon was originally considered the front-runner, but his numbers dropped after a scandal involving dubious government jobs for his family members.

The election is also taking place against the backdrop of Brexit, the migrant crisis and widespread discontentment with the EU. Clearly, it’s a different sort of election — and one that could signal the beginning of the end for the European Union.

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