Franklin Graham Is VERY Excited About Something Mike Pence Said During Debate


Like many other Americans, Rev. Franklin Graham watched the vice presidential debate Tuesday night between Republican Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and Democrat Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine.

Taking to his Facebook page Wednesday morning, Graham shared something he had noticed during the debate that greatly pleased him, that being Pence’s candid talk about his Christian faith.

“Many politicians and public figures today avoid mentioning their faith,” Graham wrote. “It is because secularism has permeated our society.”

“George Washington was not afraid to kneel in prayer. Gen. Patton prayed before he went into battle. Abraham Lincoln spoke unhesitatingly about Almighty God in the Gettysburg Address,” he recounted from history.

“Last night during the Vice Presidential Debate, it was so encouraging to hear Gov. Pence share about his personal relationship with Jesus Christ,” he continued. “Some politicians may talk about their faith in generalities, but there aren’t many who are bold enough to talk about Jesus Christ.”

“As a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ I’m grateful for those unashamed to speak His Name and live out their faith in Him,” he added. “The Bible says, ‘Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved’ (Acts 4:12).”

Graham also included a link to a video of a portion of the debate during which Pence discussed his faith and the topic of abortion, which can be viewed right here:

Franklin Graham is right that many politicians decline to speak candidly about their Christianity and prefer instead to stick to bland generalities that are less likely to draw criticism from a decidedly anti-Christian left and its mouthpieces in the liberal media.

Whether one professes to be a Christian or not, one must nevertheless take notice and give appreciation where it is due when a public figure like Pence throws the typical politician’s caution to the wind and speaks boldly and forthrightly regarding their faith, knowing they stand to be attacked for it by the usual secularist suspects.

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