Fox News Surprises Many With First Hire Since Roger Ailes’ Departure


Taya Kyle, the widow of Navy Seal hero and decorated sniper Chris Kyle, will now be a contributing member of Fox News, the company announced Monday.

She is the network’s first hire since the departure of former CEO Roger Ailes on July 21.

Kyle appeared often in her late husband’s book, American Sniper, which was a national bestseller and led to a hit film of the same name starring Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle.

After his death, she authored her own book, American Wife, in which she detailed how she coped with the tragedy of having her spouse killed by an ex-Marine while trying to help him at a shooting range.

Fox News said in a statement that Kyle “will provide military and family commentary across FNC’s daytime and primetime programming.”

Her first appearance as a network contributor was on Fox and Friends Monday morning, where she discussed whether high-ranking military officials should endorse presidential candidates.

This comes after retired Army Gen. Martin Dempsey wrote a letter to The Washington Post criticizing top officers who spoke at the Democratic and Republican conventions.

“As generals, they have an obligation to uphold our apolitical traditions,” he wrote. “They have just made the task of their successors — who continue to serve in uniform and are accountable for our security — more complicated. It was a mistake for them to participate as they did. It was a mistake for our presidential candidates to ask them to do so.”

Kyle disagreed with Dempsey’s position, arguing that the retired generals have spent most of their lives defending America and should be able to have their say in choosing our leaders.

“These guys are retired,” she said. “They spent their careers fighting for all of our right to freedom of speech, so I think once they’re out, they should be the first in line to exercise their right to free speech.”

h/t: The Hill

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