Former Trump Adviser Victim of Bizarre Hit And Run

Former Trump Adviser Victim of Bizarre Hit And Run

President Donald Trump’s longtime adviser Roger Stone, who has not exactly been the paragon of credibility given his habit of promoting conspiracy theories, has claimed he was the victim of an intentional hit-and-run accident that he believed may have been a false flag operation.

According to Miami station WFOR, Stone was on his way to Orlando Wednesday when his vehicle was hit broadside by what appeared to be a four-door Pontiac.

“They just came at us full force,” he said. “The driver then threw it in reverse and took off.”

Local authorities reportedly took over 70 minutes to arrive at the scene of the accident, but by then Stone had already called an Uber to take him home. Granted, that was odd. Why would it take the police so ridiculously long to get to the scene of an accident?

Stranger still was what Stone’s aide John Kakanis, who had reportedly been driving the car when the accident occurred, told WFOR.

“It looked kind of intentional,” he said, noting that the car that hit them had tinted windows.

Listen to what Stone later told conspiracy theorist Alex Jones about the crash:

Stone, who is adamant that he was intentionally poisoned around Christmas of last year, not only agreed, but also tied the hit-and-run to the Russians.

“You could make the case that the Russians want to off me because they do not want me to testify because it would show their hand,” he said, referencing the investigation into Trump’s alleged ties to Russia.

“It is more likely to some like it to look like the Russians tried to bump me off,” he then cautioned, the idea being that the hit-and-run was a false flag operation designed to deceive.

He added that the crash occurred on the same day that he had received a request to appear before the House Intelligence Committee.

“I have to guess that somebody doesn’t want me to testify at those hearings,” he explained. “If I testify, it is going to prove that this whole narrative on which I believe surveillance of the president was based — i.e. that the Trump campaign was infiltrated by the Russians — is false.”

Either that or the Miami-Dade area has some really bad drivers.

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