Former Border Patrol Chief Testifies That AZ Border Wall Decreased Illegal Crossings

Former Border Patrol Chief Testifies That AZ Border Wall Decreased Illegal Crossings

If anyone knows what it takes to secure our borders and decrease illegal immigration, it’s the men and women of the United States Border Patrol who have put their lives on the line to keep our country safe from outside threats.

One former deputy Border Patrol chief recently told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee that the erection of a border wall would drastically cut illegal immigration, and he had the evidence to support his claim, according to Fox News.

Former deputy Border Patrol chief Ronald Colburn pointed to a fence built in 2006 along Arizona’s southern border near Yuma that resulted in a whopping 94 percent fewer illegal immigrant crossings by 2008, according to the Washington Examiner.

After the barrier was constructed, “Yuma Sector arrests of illicit border crossers and traffickers had dwindled from over 138,000 down to 8,363,” Colburn testified.

In fact, before the Yuma fence was built, officials identified 2,706 instances in a one-year period of smugglers loading up a vehicle with drugs and/or people and driving across the border.

Only 13 of them were detected and stopped by immigration authorities.

“The rest all got away, with no idea what or who they brought in,” Colburn explained. “Yuma had become the most dangerous part of the border.”

In addition, Colburn spoke about more than 200 attacks carried out by gangs known as “border bandits” that would “prey on their own,” sexually assaulting, robbing and murdering Mexican migrants.

But after the fence went up in 2006, only six vehicles tried to enter the U.S. in that area — and every single one of them was captured or turned back to Mexico. Bandit attacks were also reduced from 200 to zero, the former chief said.

“The known attempts to enter and the got-aways dwindled to an equally minimal number compared to the hundreds of thousands that entered and evaded arrest in previous years,” Colburn said. “Yuma became the ‘proof of concept’ that America can protect and control its border when the proper mix of resources are placed almost instantaneously.”

A frequent liberal argument has been that President Donald Trump’s proposed wall would be a waste of time and money, because it wouldn’t actually stop illegal immigrants from crossing — an argument that was completely destroyed by Colburn’s impressive testimony and evidence.

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