Famous Street Artist Celebrates Trump Victory With Hilarious New “Moving” Signs


It’s a quadrennial process as predictable as the swallows returning to Capistrano: Celebrities who threaten to leave the United States if the electorate does not mirror their own opinions.

Except in this case, the swallows have Twitter.

Everyone from Miley Cyrus to Samuel L. Jackson had let the American voter know that if you let them down and elected Donald Trump, they would expatriate themselves posthaste. Heck, Cher even threatened to move to a different planet (although given the otherworldliness of Hollywood, she may not even have to fill out a change of address form to do that).

Los Angeles street artist Sabo, who has expressed his distaste with Hillary Clinton and liberalism in general, was sick of it. The moment that Trump’s victory was announced, he took to the streets of Los Angeles and offered the denizens of Tinseltown a real estate service that they never hoped they would have to use.


Then, he posted them to Facebook. This is Cher’s, whose next hit might have to contain the lyrics, “Do you believe in life after earth?”

She was hardly the only one to receive the Sabo treatment.


“Girls” creator and vocal Hillary supporter Lena Dunham has said she would go to Vancouver if Trump were elected, so she got a plum spot right next to Cher’s bench. She may have other reasons to do so, as well; she recently caused an uproar due to a web video in which she celebrated “the extinction of white men.”


According to Breitbart, Samuel L. Jackson told Jimmy Kimmel that, “If that motherf***er becomes president, I’m moving my black a** to South Africa.”

No word yet on his Twitter account as to whether he’s apartment hunting in Johannesburg.

Dunham, curiously, has also maintained silence on Twitter. However, Cher decided to get scatological, literally.

Just in case you were curious, here were some of the other ads.





I can assure you that plenty of voters — even many who cast ballots for him — had reservations about and problems with Donald Trump and some of the things he said. Most of them did not say they were going to leave the country if the election didn’t go their way.

In fact, there’s something deeply ironic about the fact that a Hollywood left that often rails against systems of privilege cannot understand how utterly privileged it is to be rich and famous enough to be able to pick up and move to another country on an electoral whim, much less be taken seriously for threatening to do so.

If they wish to move to Vancouver/Cape Town/Io/wherever, they are certainly free to do so. However, I don’t want to hear any critiques of our political system from them, especially in 140 characters or less.

When it came time to accept the results of the election and come together to debate where this country should go next, they said they would take their ball and go home instead.

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