FAKED: Media Faked “Small Crowd” Pic… Photos Expose Shocking TRUE Size

Media Faked Small Crowd Pic Photos Expose Shocking TRUE Size

Controversy around President Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony Friday is still in the news, and by now you have no doubt heard all of the squabbling about how the size of his inaugural crowd compared with those of other past presidents, particularly former President Barack Obama.

The liberally biased mainstream media, as part of their on-going effort to take partisan shots and attempt to delegitimize Trump at every turn, made hay over the fact that more people ultimately turned out for Obama’s historic inauguration as the first black president in 2009, predominantly by sharing inaccurate pictures comparing crowd size.

While the Trump team may have pushed back a bit harder than necessary, they were nevertheless right to call out the media’s false narrative that “nobody” showed up for Trump’s swearing-in, as by all estimates his crowd was ultimately around the same size as other modern inaugural audiences, save the anomalous crowds drawn by Obama.

For an example of what the liberal media was trying to push, check out these side-by-side photos tweeted out by The New York Times, which appear to show a huge disparity in crowd size, but in truth are not comparable as they were taken at different times of the day and don’t explain a number of pertinent factors.

According to the Independent Journal Review, such factors include the fact that some areas of the mall were blocked off this year for security reasons with fencing, gates and tarps that weren’t present in 2009,

Nor do the pictures note the massive turnout of protesters who successfully blocked a number of innocent would-be attendees from even making it onto the mall to take part in the event.

Fox News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume, who obviously was in attendance, took to Twitter to rebut the pictures posted by The Times and the rest of the media, pointing out that the pic of the Trump inauguration being circulated was taken early in the day and that the crowd had filled in significantly by the time Trump delivered his inaugural address.

Furthermore, likely to the network’s own dismay, CNN published an interactive Gigapixel tool that provided a sharply defined, panoramic view of the inaugural crowd while Trump was speaking, a view which does indeed show that the crowd was massive and stretched all the way back to the Washington Monument.

CNN Gigapixel crowd shot

In the end, the actual sizes of various inaugural crowds are rather meaningless, and the entire argument isn’t even really about crowd size at all, but instead is just another instance of the partisan media purposefully perpetuating inaccurate news in order to further their own liberal narrative. In this case, the “news” is that Trump is widely despised and can’t draw a crowd, a notion we know is provably false.

But that sort of thing isn’t going to go unchallenged anymore by this new Trump administration.

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