FAKE: CNN Inflates Figure by 99,000%, Lies About Background Checks to Stop “Silencer” Bill

CNN Inflates Figure by 99000 Lies About Background Checks to Stop Silencer Bill

CNN is at it again. The network that has produced several infamous bits of fake news over the past year has once again managed to outdo itself in misleading reporting, while also showing the IQs of some of the people whom they employ.

CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield was introducing a segment about gun “silencers” when she made the bizarre claim that the GOP-led Congress was planning to do away with the “$200,000” tax currently imposed on anyone buying a silencer, as well as the background check, Breitbart reported.

First off, they are accurately called “suppressors,” not silencers. Second, the tax is only $200. It never occurred to Whitfield that $200,000 seemed like an absurd figure for a suppressor? Third, Republicans actually want to keep the background check.

Making these errors even more infuriating was the fact that CNN’s Victor Blackwell, who was sitting right next to Whitfield, had done an entire segment on suppressors, and never bothered to correct her!

What’s worse than a new organization publishing fake news? A news organization that hires people who are too idiotic to even realize they are pushing fake news.

You can watch Whitfield’s introduction here.

Here’s Blackwell’s piece:

In his segment, Blackwell correctly stated that the tax was $200 — which Republicans supporting the “Hearing Protection Act” do want to do away with.

Also, Knox Williams, president and CEO of the “American Suppressors Association” demonstrated what a suppressor does to a gun.

In the demonstration, you could still recognize the sound of a gunshot, however it wasn’t the deafening blast we are all accustomed to — effectively knocking down liberal claims that these devices totally suppress gunshots and could make mass shootings more common.

Just to be helpful, CNN made sure to include some clips from “Casino Royale,” “No Country for Old Men” and “Inception.” All three movies had “silencers” that suppressed the sound of gunfire much more than anything in real life. And all three are pure fiction.

Well, that’s CNN for you.

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Source: conservativetribune.com