Failure of Obamacare Marketplace Could Leave City with No Health Care Options

Failure of Obamacare Marketplace Could Leave City with No Health Care Options

While Democrats like to insist that Obamacare is a beautiful thing that Republicans should not keep trying to repeal and replace, the reality is that President Barack Obama’s signature health care legislation is beginning its collapse.

Insurance providers have been pulling out of markets for the past few years, and now the city of Knoxville, Tennessee, may be the first place to see Obamacare die completely, CNN reported.

Humana, which is the only insurance agency on the exchange in that city, is set to pull out in 2018, which means that up to 40,000 people wouldn’t be able to buy subsidized insurance.

“I’m not optimistic that one of our existing insurers would like to expand their coverage area without some changes to the regulatory system, either by Congress or the administration,” Tennessee Insurance Commissioner Julie McPeak explained.

WATE noted that there is a lot of uncertainty in Tennessee right now, given that it is very unclear what — if anything — Republicans in Congress intend to do to replace Obamacare.

The Nashville Tennessean reported that it is still possible that Humana could opt to remain in the exchange, but that would most likely require some deal to be cut or for Congress to take significant action.

This is Obama’s true legacy when it comes to health care: thousands of people who have no idea whether they will be able to afford health care anymore because the entire Obamacare system is collapsing.

Republicans need to act fast to stop people from being negatively affected by this collapse, preferably by gutting Obamacare, getting the federal government out of the field and restoring a free market system to the nation’s health care industry.

Right now Republicans may have the power to stop this collapse — and the American people are watching.

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