EVIL: Euthanasia Plot Goes Wrong, So Doctor Orders Family to Help With Killing

Euthanasia Plot Goes Wrong So Doctor Orders Family to Help With Killing

When a 70-year-old Dutch woman who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease but was lucid enough that she had arranged to spend the afternoon with her husband and children sipped on her coffee in March of 2011, she did so without knowing that it contained a sleeping drug.

According to the National Catholic Register, her doctor had concealed the drug in the woman’s coffee so as to first tranquilize her and then euthanize her, in accordance with a decision made by him and her husband. The plan of attack failed, however, and she soon woke up.

“When the doctor went to inject the (lethal) drug, thiopental, the woman woke from her semi-slumber, got a fearful look in her eyes and kicked the doctor,” the Register reported.

But it gets worse — much worse.

When the doctor then asked the family to help “hold her down,” they complied, and thus this unnamed woman was put to death — very likely against her wishes — with the assistance of those who were supposed to have loved her.

In defending his decision to proceed with the euthanasia, the doctor later claimed that the woman had long maintained that she wanted to die.

According to a report from the Dutch Regional Review Committee, translated by The Stream, this was false: “(T)he woman had ‘no clear advanced (sic) directive,’ and had ‘never verbally requested euthanasia.’”

All she had ever said was that she wished to die, but “not now … it’s not so bad.” One doctor even claimed that the woman was often “cheerful and peaceful,” though sadly neither her family nor her doctor apparently cared.

So intent was the doctor on killing this woman that he told the committee that had she said then and there, “I don’t want to die,” he would have proceeded with her euthanasia anyway on the grounds that her pleas for life would have been nothing more than her experiencing “cold feet.”

This is just plain wrong, though wronger still is the fact that though the committee eventually ruled that the doctor had acted inappropriately, he was never sanctioned.

Let me be clear: When the sanctity of life becomes so meaningless in a society that a family and their doctor are willing to execute an ill woman who is otherwise perfectly content, there is a problem with that society, and the people of it need to think long and hard about their own futures — because a society this cruel and wicked is a society itself destined for death.

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