Every Doctor in America Just Noticed Something SICK About Hillary Clinton’s Glasses!


I need to start this story off with a personal confession. I myself suffer from the same medical condition as Hillary Clinton, epilepsy.

It is because I have lived it that I can confirm that the sunglasses seen in this picture were by no means normal sunglasses.


Blue lenses are frequently used to reduce the light intake of epileptics to prevent seizures. I myself used to use them frequently when I would go to concerts to stop strobe lights from triggering me.

Hillary Clinton has been shown countless times to also be triggered by flashing lights. They will often result in violent head shakes and slurred speech if a seizure is triggered.

Many epileptics also suffer from claustrophobia out of fear that they will have a seizure in the crowd. Sunglasses can help with this as well since they give a quick escape.

Also it would go to explain Hillary Clinton not driving in over 10 years. I myself have not driven in 6 years because epileptics have their licenses pulled by the government for 1 year every time they have a seizure.

And in case you are not sure what a seizure looks like, this is what happens:

Here is another great example of a seizure that you can use to prove Hillary Clinton also suffers from epilepsy.

This woman cannot be a US president.

Now, just to be clear, epilepsy does not mean someone cannot be a great leader. There have been plenty of leaders with this condition, from King David through Napoleon.

What does disqualify her is the fact that she LIES about it. She hides it instead of treating it properly and that is what makes her unfit to lead. She is a criminal who should be in jail or a medical ward, but NOT in the Oval Office.

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