ESPN Thinks Michelle Obama’s Fashion Legacy Should Put Her On Mount Rushmore

ESPN Thinks Michelle Obamas Fashion Legacy Should Put Her On Mount Rushmore

When one thinks of Mount Rushmore, one of the wonders of our nation, faces often come to mind: George Washington, often considered the father of our country; Abraham Lincoln, the great emancipator; Thomas Jefferson (sorry, Hamiltonians); and Teddy Roosevelt all make their appearance on the mountainside.

But if you’re Jill Hudson of ESPN’s “The Undefeated,” first lady Michelle Obama might make that list, too, because her fashion is just that good.

“When Michelle Obama leaves the White House for the last time on Jan. 20,” she wrote, “her fashion legacy is completely assured. We’re talking carved in Mount Rushmore granite, shined up with shea butter leg grease and co-signed by #BlackGirlMagic.”

She didn’t say outright that the first lady deserveds to be carved into a stone for time and eternity, but still, the comparison was beyond ridiculous.

“If God has been collecting style receipts for the past eight years — and you know he has been — Obama is a first-ballot Hall of Famer,” she continued.

Hudson heaped love on Obama’s daily wear and everything else Michelle for hundreds of words.

Don’t get me wrong (is anyone getting me wrong, here?), Michelle Obama is a snappy dresser. There’s no problem with lauding her for it, but there is an issue in engaging the afterburner to idolize the Obamas in every respect imaginable until the last second of the outgoing administration, which is exactly what is happening.

“For eight glorious years, Obama was the kitten-heeled sun in our messy American sky. Sail on, girl. You will not be forgotten,” she concluded, dripping more absurd praise on the outgoing first lady.

I’m not certain “kitten-heeled sun” is even a thing.

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