EPIC: “No It Hasn’t!”… The Moment Disgusted Trump Literally Turns Back on Mods


As Republican nominee Donald Trump faced off with Democrat Hillary Clinton on Sunday, the debate covered a wide range of topics, from Trump’s infamous tape to each candidate’s energy plan.

But one thing that was obvious throughout the event was the (once again) biased moderators.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s Martha Raddatz were handling the questions. Instead of letting Trump explain his positions, the liberal anchors chose to constantly attack and interrupt him.

Trump finally had enough at one point during the debate and turned to Cooper, demanding to know why Cooper hadn’t asked about Clinton’s email scandal.

Raddatz had in fact brought up the email issue, but the moderators chose not to linger on it like they did on 11-year-old tapes of Trump speaking in a private conversation.

Trump told Cooper that the Hillary email issue “hasn’t been finished at all,” clearly irritated that the moderators were choosing to favor Clinton by giving her an easy pass on her scandal.

“One-on-three,” Trump said into the microphone, while turning his back as Cooper attempted to move to the next question.

The “one-on-three” remark was a stroke of brilliance on Trump’s part because throughout the debate, whenever the moderators went after him (and it was often), the audience was reminded of that comment.

This wasn’t the only time time the moderators were biased against Trump. At one point during the debate, Raddatz even had a “Candy Crowley” moment when she actually tried to lecture Trump about Syrian foreign policy.

The American people got to see first hand how biased the media really are. Clinton’s lies and non-answers were completely ignored by the moderators, who chose instead to attack Trump.

Luckily, Trump managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Despite being damaged by the leaked audio and being outnumbered on the stage, Trump delivered a spectacular performance that is going to do a lot of steady his campaign after a rough week.

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Source: conservativetribune.com