EPIC: Adviser Reveals Incredible Way Trump, Team Responded When Prostitutes Came Up While He Stayed at Russian Hotel

Adviser Reveals Incredible Way Trump Team Responded When Prostitutes Came Up While He Stayed at Russian Hotel

Throughout the past week, the liberal media have had a veritable field day over the unsubstantiated and unverified “dossier” of reports allegedly from a former British intelligence agent published by BuzzFeed that purportedly revealed the Russian government had obtained blackmail material on President-elect Donald Trump.

One of the more salacious aspects of the memos was the claim that Trump had engaged Russian prostitutes to take part in bizarre sexual acts while in a Moscow hotel, claims that have been vehemently denied by the Trump camp.

Now. The Daily Caller has weighed in on the subject with its own report based on an exclusive interview with a former adviser to Trump with knowledge of the 2013 trip to Moscow when the alleged incident was supposed to have taken place.

The unnamed adviser recalled that a Russian pop music star named Emin Agalarov had announced to Trump’s team that he would be sending prostitutes up to the room for their entertainment — perhaps as a “thank you” for Trump’s cameo appearance in an Agalarov music video. But that Trump’s head of security, Keith Schiller, had shot the plan down as soon as prostitutes came up in conversation.

The former adviser noted that Schiller had even posted guards outside Trump’s hotel room to ensure that no unauthorized guests were allowed in.

The adviser also noted that Trump was not being sarcastic while rebutting the allegations during his recent press conference, when he stated that he had to be extra careful when traveling because foreign governments and the media were always watching.

“Trump has always been like, ‘Remember they’re taping you, be very careful,’” the former adviser said.

The adviser also confirmed that the dossier had been floating around Washington, D.C., and the national media for months, noting that he had been approached and questioned about it by rival Republican campaign staffers as far back as 2015.

As for BuzzFeed’s decision to publish the increasingly debunked memo when virtually every other media outlet had decided to pass on it, the adviser could only state of the site’s editor-in-chief, “Ben Smith is openly hostile and biased towards Trump.”

Should this report from The Daily Caller be proven true, it would totally pull the rug out from under the media’s narrative that Russian intelligence services had compromised Trump via Russian hookers, perhaps a real plan that had nevertheless been foiled by Trump’s head of security — a truly no-nonsense fellow who will follow his long-time boss to the White House.

We will of course keep you updated should any further information regarding this report arise.

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Source: conservativetribune.com