Early Voting Totals Leaked… Stunning Trump Lead Horrifies Media


If you’ve been anywhere near a television blaring the evening news recently, you know that newscasters delight in talking about Arizona. Long a red state, the liberal media has claimed that this election is so one-sided that polls show Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton turning it blue.

How true is that? Well, according to documents obtained by Conservative Tribune from a reliable source, Donald Trump holds a 6-point lead in early voting in Arizona, and trends show that reliably conservative groups are turning out for the Republican presidential nominee.

“Early results in Arizona have Trump with a 6 point lead,” the source revealed. “By Election Day they are predicting a 7 to 8 point lead with a solid Trump victory in Arizona.”

As for voting trends, “there are close to 86,000 more Republican ballots returned than Democrat ballots,” our source told us, indicating Democrat excitement for Hillary Clinton wasn’t nearly as strong as pollsters had initially hoped.


“One interesting aspect is Independent ballots are increasing. Based on the Independent conservative model, most of the late voting independents are right-leaning (though a large portion of them are still in the swing category),” the source added.

In all-important Maricopa County — home to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the state’s largest city of Phoenix — balloting trends have gone the Republicans’ way, too.


In that pivotal county, Republican ballots were being returned at a 9 percent greater clip than Democrat ballots.

An age demographic breakdown, too, showed that Republican efforts to get out the vote among their core constituencies were meeting with some success:


And keep in mind, while Trump might be the marquee race in the state of Arizona, he’s far from the only Republican on the ballot.

Sen. John McCain might not be one of our favorites, he’s still better than Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick. Up until just recently, polls showed Kirkpatrick within striking distance, although the RealClearPolitics polling average now shows McCain up by 10 points.

Up until earlier this week, the RCP average also showed Hillary Clinton ahead in Arizona. This has been the same story all over America, though. Early voting patterns are torpedoing media expectations for what would happen in swing states.

Arizona might be the most dramatic example, but we’ve seen plenty of evidence that the establishment might be in for a brutal surprise Nov. 8 — one that takes the Trump train all the way in to D.C.’s Union Station.

Jaws are dropping in newsrooms all over America over these numbers — and you can bet they’re going to continue to drop, all the way until Tuesday.

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Source: conservativetribune.com