Drudge Blasts Hillary Lesbian Sex Story Out to Entire Internet… Pays Off Threat He Made Saturday


Over the weekend, Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report sent out a rather rare and quite cryptic tweet announcing the impending release of a “sex stuff”-related bombshell story that would likely prove damaging to the presidential campaign of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

This was most likely in response to the “outraged” liberal media’s pile-on of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump over leaked audio from over a decade ago that revealed Trump engaging in some notably crude “locker room talk” regarding his sexual exploits with willing women.

It now appears that Drudge lived up to the promise he made that a bombshell of hugely scandalous proportions would be dropping, as the top of his site‘s page was splashed today with a giant banner declaring, “Hillary’s Fixer Breaks Ranks: Arranged Sex Trysts For Her! With Men And Women.”

The linked headline led to a teaser article from the National Enquirer, a notoriously gossipy tabloid magazine that nevertheless has occasionally broken devastating stories on the political front. Just ask former Democrat Sen. John Edwards about the effect of an Enquirer investigation on his presidential hopes.

According to the Enquirer piece shared by Drudge, the tabloid will run a 9-page tell-all exposé from former President Bill and Hillary Clinton’s “fixer,” who reportedly provided proof that he had been employed by the Clintons for years.

The teaser shared a snippet of the anonymous man’s recollection of arranging for Hillary to meet privately with an actress at a Hollywood movie studio, then secretly transporting them to a Beverley Hills hotel “for something presumably more sordid.”

The man also reportedly revealed no fewer than a dozen different scandalous incidents he had helped the Clintons cover up over the years he was in their employ, including Hillary Clinton’s secret plot to counterattack Bill Clinton’s mistress-slash-intern Monica Lewinsky, Hillary Clinton’s purported affair with Vince Foster, which reporters were “on the take” for the Clinton camp, the former president’s “seedy romp with hookers,” and other affairs conducted in the White House by the former president.

To be sure, just about everything that comes from the Enquirer must be taken with an entire shaker of salt, not just a grain, but if they truly do provide “24 years of documents, notes and journals” as they claim they will, there just may be some credence to the article.

It is deliciously ironic that this bombshell was dropped on the Clinton camp a mere day before the third and final presidential debate, remarkably similar to the way in which the media pounced on Trump’s “Access Hollywood” tape two days before the second debate.

Stay tuned as more comes out related to this story, as it is sure to get some play, judging by its salacious nature that a salivating media won’t be capable of ignoring — if past behavior is any indication.

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Source: conservativetribune.com