Dr. Alveda King to Marchers: “Who’s Going to Represent Those Little Baby Girls Who’ve Been Aborted?”

Dr Alveda King to Marchers Whos Going to Represent Those Little Baby Girls Whove Been Aborted

Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King Jr., spoke out about the Women’s March on Washington and said that most of the protesters there missed an opportunity to stand up for every woman’s rights.

In an interview with Fox & Friends Sunday, King explained that after she had an abortion, she struggled with pain and regret for years. She added that by supporting abortion, those participating in the march ignored the hurt and destruction abortion causes in so many lives, including the suffering of the unborn children.

“I don’t understand why, if this is a sisterhood, how they can leave out the little babies in the womb, the mothers who have been hurt by abortion. I think that’s part of the message,” said King, who is the director of African American outreach for Priests for Life.

“The little baby girls in the womb, what about them? Who is going to represent those little girls who are being aborted?” she continued.

That’s such an important question, and one that many pro-abortion activists don’t want to think about because then they would have to realize that by not standing against abortion they are failing to represent the most innocent and weak among us — the unborn.

King also pointed out that many of the protesters seemed to be fueled by a hate for Trump more than anything else, and that this blinded them to the opportunity to fight for other rights that women deserve, such as equal pay.

Take a look:

It’s hard not to agree with King on this matter. The Women’s March turned out to be nothing but an opportunity for a bunch of Democrat women to get together and whine about the outcome of the election. Singer Madonna and actress Ashley Judd were a complete embarrassment to women everywhere with their tirades against Trump.

What a wasted opportunity.

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