Donald Trump Destroys Obama In Comparison With Fundraising Record

Donald Trump Destroys Obama In Comparison With Fundraising Record

Time and time again, President-elect Donald Trump has demonstrated that his upcoming presidency will likely be far better than that of President Barack Obama. What he just accomplished only further added to this belief.

As reported by Associated Press, Trump managed to raise almost as much money for his Jan. 20 inauguration as Obama raised in 2009 and 2013 combined.

Specifically, the president-elect has raised $90 million in private individual donations, whereas Obama raised only $55 million for his first inauguration and $43 for his second one.

This despite nearly every Hollywood celebrity having tried to wreck his inauguration by first pledging not to perform at it and then teaming up to host a competing “love-a-thon” concert on Miami Beach, as noted by The Daily Caller.

According to National Review contributor Charlie Peters, however, Hollywood’s refusal to participate in the inauguration was a good thing.

“Celebrities are ephemeral symbols of fame and fortune,” he wrote in a piece published Saturday. “The values of the presidency could not be more dissimilar. Let’s hope that Trump’s celebrity-free inauguration is the start of a new, conservative trend for state events.”

Speaking of which, instead of wasting all the money he raised on hosting a fanciful affair, Trump planned to use it more wisely by, for example, holding only three inaugural balls as opposed to the 10 Obama held in 2009. He also hoped to keep his parade under 90 minutes.

By being frugal and sensible, Trump was demonstrating a level of fiscal wisdom that the American people never saw in the outgoing president. Moreover, he was saving them money: While some of it was funded by taxpayer money, most of the inauguration was paid for by private donations.

And, he was doing some more good, as excess funds raised were slated for donation to charity.

Thanks to the president-elect’s discipline, however, there should be plenty left over for such donations.

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