Dog Found Near Death with Broken Leg. But Where She Leads Rescuers Reveals SHOCKING Surprise

Dog Found Near Death with Broken Leg But Where She Leads Rescuers Reveals SHOCKING Surprise

In the wintry streets of Vera, Spain, a woman noticed a Greyhound dog limping painfully through a crowded market. The dog had clearly been abandoned for some time, rib cage protruding from her emaciated frame.

Unable to walk away from the sad sight, Lianne Powell managed to catch the stray and bring her to her friend, veterinarian Ellen Sobry. After a brief examination, the women made a startling discovery that made the dog’s survival an urgent matter.

“She had a broken leg, was bleeding from the back end and I saw she had milk,” Sobry explained. “So I thought, ‘well where are the puppies?’”

Sobry tended to the mama dog’s broken leg, wondering if the puppies were still alive, and if they had a chance at finding them. Powell and Sobry reasoned that their best chances of ever finding the litter lay with the broken, hurting mama dog in front of their eyes.

The trio returned to the market and Vera, aptly named after the town where she was found, seemed to understand exactly what was going on. Trusting that the women meant no harm, Vera led her rescuers on an adventure through the city and into the countryside, straight to her litter of pups.

“We put a collar and long lead on her and took her back to the market,” Sobry explained. “Then we just followed her for about 3 kilometers – she knew where she was going.”

Miraculously, the ten puppies were alive, little warm bodies huddled together on a tattered seat in an abandoned car. The emotional discovery left the women astounded.

“She led us to them, it was incredible,” Sobry expressed. “I couldn’t believe what I saw.”

In a dog’s world, where humans can mean help or harm, Vera had chosen to trust. “That dog didn’t know us, we’d only met her like an hour before, so it was really incredible how she decided to trust and show us where they were,” Sobry said.

Now, Vera and her ten chubby pups are recovering together in the safety of Sobry’s clinic. With food in her belly and a cozy bed to sleep in, Vera can focus on healing her body and tending to her pups.

Sobry continues to be impressed by Vera’s resilience and determination to care for her family. “In the state she was in, the fact she managed to fend for herself and care for ten pups is nothing short of astonishing,” she said.

Once fully healed, Vera and her pups will be adopted into forever homes. Until then, the pups will practice opening their eyes, yawning, and being utterly adorable, cuddled up right next to their brave mom.

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