Doctors Say Girl with Stage 4 Cancer Has 3 Months. But Day Dad Jumps Stranger’s Car, Everything Changes

Doctors Say Girl with Stage 4 Cancer Has 3 Months But Day Dad Jumps Strangers Car Everything Changes

A good rule of thumb is to be nice to everyone you come across, because you never know what they are going through. Even more, you never know what could result from your interactions with others.

One woman tells of the incredible time her little sister received the gift of a lifetime, all because their dad was kind to some strangers. This story is proof that a little bit of generosity can mean the world to some people.

Alicia Gonzalez was the older sister to Mackenzie, a little girl with Stage 4 cancer. About seven years ago, the doctors gave Mackenzie a grim diagnosis.

The doctors said that Mackenzie was nearing the end, and that she could have three months or three weeks left to live. They urged her family to use her Make-A-Wish soon, so they could make Mackenzie’s last days really special.

What Mackenzie really wanted was to go on a cruise that had a water slide, because her multiple surgeries always prevented her from being able to go swimming. Unfortunately, the people at Make-A-Wish did not exactly grant her wish, but instead sent Mackenzie and her family to Disney World.

While the trip was fun, Mackenzie was left disappointed that she did not get to experience going down a water slide. Her family decided to take matters into their own hands and give Mackenzie her dream.

Mackenzie’s parents decided that they would find the cheapest cruise to go on and the cheapest hotel to stay at right across from Atlantis. On the way home from a hospital visit, the family decided to stop and see the ship they would be on.

They ended up parked next to a luxury black car and were discussing the cool ship, when the ladies in the black car had trouble starting it. Mackenzie’s dad was quick to jump out and lend a hand.

After a bit of talking, the ladies revealed that they actually owned the cruise ship. Upon hearing this, Mackenzie’s mom, Sue, begged them to put a cot in their room so the family of six wouldn’t have to purchase another expensive room on the ship.

A week later, the ladies called with an incredible offer. They told the family that they would be staying in the biggest suite on the ship and the nicest suite in Atlantis, including a limo ride to and from the hotel.

All activities and extra charges aboard the cruise would be complementary, and the family was free to enjoy their time without worrying about money. They were even given money to spend at the gift store on the ship!

Mackenzie lived two and a half years after the first diagnosis. While they were all still together, the family was invited back on the cruise ship three more times, and once more after Mackenzie passed to spread her ashes in the ocean.

Alicia wrote about her sister, “I like to think she will always be at peace in the waters near the Bahamas, always remembering the best time of her life when a complete stranger did an extraordinary act of kindness.”

The generosity of some incredible women made a lasting impact on a hurting family. Never underestimate what you can do to brighten up a life.

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