Digital Forensics Prove That Brazile’s WikiLeaks Emails Were NOT Altered


WikiLeaks has once again proved Democrat leaders wrong. A new leak just uncovered the fact that Democrat National Committee Chairman Donna Brazile sent an email that proved Democrat presidential nominee Clinton had knowledge of debate questions before the debate.

According to The Daily Caller, simple technical knowledge and cryptographic signatures revealed the secret.

Hillary Clinton and her campaign used a verification system called DomainKeys Identified Mail that showed whether an email had been changed. used Gmail for all its mail. WikiLeaks was able to find an email from staffer Jennifer Palmieri, using her email, replying to an email from Brazile saying she was “worried” about Clinton’s ability to answer a question about the death penalty at an upcoming debate.

Although those emails proved Brazile and Clinton’s campaign were briefed on debate questions beforehand, the campaign strongly denied those claims. The Daily Caller, however, used that cryptographic key to show that Palmieri did send that email.

“From time to time I get the questions in advance,” Brazile said. “Here’s one that worries me about HRC,”

The email then contained the debate question about the death penalty, the same question she was later asked by moderator Roland Martin.

The Daily Caller News Foundation also confirmed that the WikiLeaks email was not falsified by downloading the source of the email and analyzing it using Python computer programming language:


As seen above, the last line of the code says “True,” meaning the email had not been falsified, and the emails sent by the Clinton campaign workers were all their own words and emails.

Of course, we could have told you that without all the technology.

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