Deputies Notice Decreased Border Activity Since Trump Sworn in

Deputies Notice Decreased Border Activity Since Trump Sworn in

President Donald Trump vowed on the campaign trail that he would crack down on illegal immigration and enact policies that would reduce the number of illegal immigrants who cross the U.S.-Mexico border.

Trump has indeed followed through on that promise, and it looks like it is working. KRGV reported that in Texas, Hidalgo County deputies have noted a decrease in the number of border crossings.

Deputy constable Joel Contreras explained that since the end of January, the number of border crossings as decreased immensely, though he said that won’t decrease border patrols.

It is impossible to say whether this is directly related to Trump, but the timing seemed to indicate that it might be. If a potential illegal immigrant knows that Trump would be cracking down hard on them, he or she may think twice before investing time and resources getting into the U.S. only to be deported shortly thereafter.

It is also possible that the illegals are simply using another route into the country. Until that wall is built, it will be impossible to argue that illegals have stopped coming in. Many sections of the southern border aren’t patrolled and lack a fence, so it is impossible to say how many people actually are crossing the border illegally.

However, If the numbers of illegals crossing really is decreasing already, that is very good news, given how number surged in the final days of the Obama adminisitration..

The Washington Times reported in 2016 that by June of that year, the number of illegal immigrant families crossing had already surpassed 2015’s numbers.

Breitbart reported in November 2016 that right before the presidential election, the numbers of illegals and illegal families was surging again — possibly motivated by the upcoming election, which former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was expected to win.

If immigrants want to come to America, they need to do so through legal channels — and they will be welcomed. We have a right to enforce our own laws, and if the illegals and the liberals don’t like it, they just need to learn to grow up.

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