Dems Utterly Humiliate Themselves with Stunning Anti-Gun Message After School Stabbing


An 18-year-old Somali-born refugee injured 11 and ended up being shot dead by police after he ran his car into a crowd at Ohio State University on Monday and then attacked individuals with a butcher knife, according to the BBC.

After the alleged attacker, 18-year-old Abdul Razak Ali Artan, had been neutralized, the left began mobilizing en masse on social media to blame the attack on one thing: the lack of gun control in America.

There’s only one issue. A gun wasn’t used in Monday’s attack.

Yes, according to the Washington Free Beacon, Mr. Artan’s attack involved a butcher knife and a silver subcompact. That didn’t stop liberals, though (WARNING: A bit of foul language):

And it wasn’t just random social justice warriors who tweeted first and asked questions later. You may recognize our next Twitterer as the man who came within shouting distance of the vice presidency.

And that wasn’t all. Liberal website Vox even managed to write a story about it, which eventually needed to be taken down.

The “what we know” is our favorite part:

All of this in spite of the fact that the only gun involved was the gun that police officer Alan Horujko used to neutralize the suspect before his sick terror attack claimed more victims.

What happened in Columbus on Monday was tragic, but it shows the brainless reflexivity of the left, especially as it relates to gun control. Attack on campus? Must be gun laws! Then when it turns out to be a Somali-born refugee who used a car and a knife, say nothing.

The liberal agenda is a study in confirmation bias. No doubt Artan’s attack will be blamed on anything but his religion, even though he allegedly wrote a Facebook post before the attack that said, “America! Stop interfering with other countries, especially Muslim Ummah (community). We are not weak.”

These are all ignored. Instead, for liberals, the only thing that mattered was the gun that he didn’t have.

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