Dems Freak as Company Finds Way to Manufacture, Sell Untraceable AR-15s


Liberals have been pushing gun control legislation for years, with little to no actual result. Now that there is a Republican Congress and a Republican resident, gun control legislation probably is effectively dead.

However, even in political climates hostile toward gun ownership, many people had found away around gun laws by buying “untraceable” AR-15 rifles that skirted federal laws, The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported.

These AR-15s aren’t assembled — that’s something the person buying it has to do — which means that people can buy the AR-15 kits without going through a background check or waiting the required three days.

It also means that these guns don’t have any serial numbers or other traceable parts, which means that law enforcement would have a tough time tracking down these guns if they were used in a crime.

“It’s legal, but it’s almost like a loophole in the law,” Port Orange Police Chief Thomas Grimaldi explained.

These guns require expertise in the assembling of a rifle — something your garden-variety criminal probably wouldn’t have. It also isn’t that hard to get black-market weapons that don’t require assembly, so it is doubtful whether a criminal would pay much more for a do-it-yourself gun.

“Put it like this,” Jim Jusick, co-owner of Tactical Machining in DeLand, explained. “There is a possibility — just like getting struck by lightning on a cloudy day. But Joe Terrorist, he’s not a builder.”

That isn’t to say that these guns aren’t going to be used by criminals, but it’s not like every criminal in the world will suddenly get an untraceable firearm.

Untraceable firearms are both a blessing and a curse. However, now that we have a government that is willing to protect the Second Amendment, hopefully firearms like these won’t be needed by freedom-loving Americans.

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