Dem Rep Thinks He Can Disobey Cops… Ends Up in Cuffs

Dem Rep Thinks He Can Disobey Cops Ends Up in Cuffs

Amnesty fiend Rep. Luis Gutierrez, known for issuing shrieking rants arguing that illegal immigrants should be above the law, falsely thought this week that he too possessed certain privileges that made him too good to follow basic rules. Well, he thought wrong.

As reported by NBC, on Monday the Illinois Democrat and a small delegation of advocates met with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials in Chicago to discuss the pending deportations of several illegals.

Because their “demands” were not met, however, Gutierrez and his supporters reportedly refused to leave after the meeting concluded.

“We are staying until we get answers from ICE,” he proudly tweeted at 1:16 PM that afternoon.

He probably regrets that tweet now.

According to NBC, after being warned three times by the authorities to leave, Gutierrez was finally placed in handcuffs much like the delinquents he often represents.

Ultimately, the authorities decided to let the congressman and his advocates go, though the image of him being temporarily detained will likely stick with him for a long time, including up until his re-election campaign in 2018.

The fact is that many of his constituents might not appreciate their representative acting like a criminal. Plus, one reason Gutierrez won his 2016 bid was because he had no Republican challenger, as noted by Ballotpedia.

Couple the photo above with just one GOP opponent, and the illegal-immigration-supporting congressman might easily have been unseated.

Speaking Monday evening on CNN in defense of his terrible behavior, the Illinois representative claimed that “somebody has to stand up for them,” i.e., illegal immigrants.

OK, but who then will stand up for the law-abiding, hard-working American citizens whom you represent — and who deserve better than to be led by a lawbreaking criminal? For that matter, how much of an advocate can you be for illegal immigrants from a jail cell?

Re-think your life decisions, Gutierrez.

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