DASH CAM: Car Stops On The Interstate… What Happens Next Is INSANE

DASH CAM Car Stops On The Interstate What Happens Next Is INSANE

The popularity of the dash cameras has brought us a slew of videos to watch. Some of the things captured by dash cams have been absolutely crazy and sometimes have even seemed to defy the laws of nature.

One video uploaded to media website ViralHog demonstrated the extreme danger of parking your vehicle in or very near the left side of the interstate.

The video showed the vehicle, possibly a truck, cruising along on the freeway and suddenly approaching a smaller car that was sitting in the left lane. A barricade and small shoulder prevented the smaller car from being parked completely out of the way and the driver of the other vehicle simply did not have the time to stop.

While we do not know the circumstances of the video, it is never advisable to stop on the freeway — and this video illustrated why.

Of course, if your car suddenly stalls on the interstate, the best thing to do is get out before something awful happens.

The small car doid appear to have its hazard lights on, and you can see a person walking on the right shoulder of the freeway just before impact.

crash still

It could be that the car broke down and the driver was on his or her way to get help. If the person on the side of the freeway was the driver, they are incredibly lucky that they got out of the car when they did. Had the driver waited a few minutes longer, he or she might not have survived the impact of the crash.

Let’s hope the driver of the other car was not injured in the horrible collision.

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Source: conservativetribune.com