“Dark” Government Has Ways Around Checks and Balances

Dark Government Has Ways Around Checks and Balances

A shadow government taking over the lives of millions of Americans without their knowledge might like something out of a James Bond novel, but it’s a reality that Americans actually live with every day, even if the mainstream media never describe it that way.

Still, it’s fairly common knowledge that the federal government over-regulates just about everything it possibly can. Under President Barack Obama, thousands of regulations that cost billions of dollars were passed, hurting millions of Americans.

President Donald Trump has vowed to cut back on regulations, but he may be in for a tougher fight than he thought. A report released by the conservative nonprofit organization Competitive Enterprise Institute revealed some troubling information about federal agencies, The Daily Caller reported.

Using “regulatory dark matter” (which sounds a lot cooler than what it actually is), federal agencies can institute thousands of regulations that don’t need congressional approval — regulations that impact millions of Americans.

“The problem with regulatory dark matter is that it allows the executive branch of our government to rule sectors of our economy through mere announcements, rather than actual lawmaking or even proper rule-making,” CEI vice president Clyde Wayne Crews Jr. explained.

By using this back-door approach to regulation, agencies are able to exert enormous influence over the American people, and Congress — the people’s representative government — doesn’t get any say in the matter.

That’s just wrong.

The only way to stop this “dark matter” from continuing is for Congress and Trump to take drastic action to curb the power of federal agencies to pass regulations without congressional approval. Trump has already started the process of cutting regulations, but it must continue.

“There are hundreds of ‘significant’ agency guidance documents now in effect, plus many thousands of other such documents that are subject to little scrutiny or democratic accountability,” the CEI reported stated.

The whole report, “Mapping Washington’s Lawlessness: An Inventory of ‘Regulatory Dark Matter,” can be read here.

It’s quite disturbing, and a little nauseating, to realize how massive our government has gotten. It is now able to extend its tentacles into just about every aspect of our lives, and sometimes we don’t even know that it is happening.

Trump vowed to drain the swamp of D.C. Let’s hope that getting rid of those dark-matter regulations is at the top of his draining agenda.

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Source: conservativetribune.com