Cyclone Aftermath Reveals Bull Shark Beached on Road

Cyclone Aftermath Reveals Bull Shark Beached on Road

A huge predator was discovered in the strangest of places after Cyclone Debbie tore through the northeast coastline of Australia this week.

Residents in the coastal town of Ayr came across a dead bull shark in the middle of a road after the flood receded.

Flood waters cut off transportation to Rita Island and journalist Philip Calder was on his way to cover the devastation when he spotted the shark.

He claimed the shark was the only victim of the flooding:

“He must’ve gotten caught in a torrent and confused, beached himself on the side of the road,” Calder told “We were pretty amazed. We were turning up to shoot a flooding road, we weren’t expecting to see wildlife as well.”

Calder, added that bull sharks are common to the area and this one in particular was the talk of the town, with many residents showing up wanting to touch it.

“You never know what lurks beneath the surface during a severe storm and what will wash up in the aftermath,” Queensland Fire and Emergency Services posted to Twitter.

Many residents were claiming the incident as their very own “Sharknado.”

It’s good to have a sense of humor about it, but this is something residents in the area should always be aware of, as sharks are no joke. Bull sharks are particularly dangerous, because they are aggressive and like to live near high-populated areas.

National Geographic reported that these kinds of sharks don’t generally make a habit of making humans their prey but one can never be too sure.

Thank goodness this shark wasn’t able to do anyone any harm.

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