Crowd Interrupts Kellyanne Conway At Rally With “CNN Sucks” Chant


GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, was interrupted while introducing the businessman when those in the crowd began slamming CNN. Speaking in Hershey, Pennsylvania, with just four days until Election Day, Conway told supporters that “the critics and the naysayers will not break our spirit.”

“They will not curb our movement. They will not tell us how to vote and what to think and what to do and who will win,” she added.

It was about that time when the crowd burst into the chanting, “CNN sucks!”

“No, no, behave. Nice, nice,” she told the crowd, smiling.

CNN, perhaps the worst of the liberal media masquerading as a news outlet, has experienced an acrimonious relationship Trump since the nominee announced his candidacy.

Trump supporters in the crowd were quick to point out how the chants drowned out Conway.

They also pointed out how Conway didn’t want to get bogged down in negativity.

Trump has repeatedly called out CNN for its biased reporting while CNN has attempted to take down Trump at every opportunity.

The cable channel has found its reputation tarnished recently after it was discovered that Donna Brazile, interim head of the Democrat National Committee, had leaked primary debate questions to Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton while employed by CNN.

It’s no wonder the crowd slammed CNN. The public is sick and tired of watching the channel protect Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at every turn, even when it is painfully obvious that she is a criminal that belongs behind bars.

CNN should seriously consider changing its name to the Clinton News Network, as so many have suggested. At least that would be truthful.

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