Crazed Stepfather Kills Stepson After Son Took Bite Of His Chili Dog

Crazed Stepfather Kills Stepson After Son Took Bite Of His Chili Dog

In Port Orange, Florida, a man killed his stepson after a fight about a chili dog.


The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported that a dispatcher answered a call with a bizarre beginning — “Danny, you killed Randy!”

67-year-old Danny Holder had shot and killed his adult stepson, Randall Owen, for what seemed to be absolutely no reason.

On Sunday night, Danny and Randy got into a fight about a chili dog, the News-Journal reported. They also reported that “Sunday night the pair got into an argument about a chili dog, the arrest report states. Port Orange police spokesman Officer Evan Doyle said Holder was annoyed when Lowen was eating a chili dog.”

The following morning, according to CBS News, the two of them got into another fight, and Holder pulled out a gun and killed Owen.

The News-Journal reports that the second argument, the one on Monday that would result in a taken life, was over Randall asking what time it was.

According to WOFL, Holder was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

Holder’s public defender claimed that the killing was in self-defense.

“He had been attacked and felt the need to defend himself,” attorney Matthew Phillips told WOFL. “I’m interested in learning more about his stepson also, but it was a situation where he felt like it was necessary to defend himself.”

You can watch the report here:

Holder was reportedly being held without bond. Probably for the best.

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