Cowboy Moves Quickly When He Notices “Thug” Outside, Stunned by What He Was Doing

Cowboy Moves Quickly When He Notices Thug Outside Stunned by What He Was Doing

We live in a world where there are many homeless people on the streets looking for handouts. While people may want the help them, unfortunately we have no way to sort the ones who are just having bad luck from the ones who are too lazy to work.

One day, a “cowboy” named Johnny Cook was at a Waffle House with his sons when he noticed a “thug” standing outside covered in tattoos who was irritating many customers,

Cook noted that the man was obviously homeless, so he invited him inside and offered to buy him lunch. Eventually, the homeless man accepted.

“He said ‘sir, I appreciate it.’ I told the waitress give him what he wants. He sat at a table alone. His food arrived and before digging in as you may thought a hungry man would, he gave thanks to God for his meal,” Cook recounted on Facebook.

After the meal, Cook talked to the homeless man, who was not named in the post, and the man told Cook that he wasn’t always homeless, he just had some terrible luck.

The homeless man couldn’t find a job because his appearance caused many potential employers to turn him down. Cook wasn’t one of them, because he he offered him a job.

“I said, do you really wanna work? He said ‘yes sir i need to work.’ I said where are you staying? He said I’m sleeping on some church porches around here. I said well tomorrow I’m laying 10 pallets of sod. If you will be at this waffle house at 7:45 in the morning you can work with us,” read the post.

Sure enough, the homeless man was there at 7:45, and he spent the whole day laying sod, even though he had never done it before. At the end of the day, Cook paid him and set him up at a local motel.

This should remind all of us that even though there are a lot of dishonest people out there, some of the homeless people in this country are hard-working Americans who are just having a really bad time.

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