Couple Notices Clerks Grinning at Each Other, Then See Sick Note on Receipt


At a Costa cafe in Winchester, U.K., Sherrie and Robert White were appalled to see that on their receipt for coffee was the scrawling “fatty fat milk,” according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

According to the U.K. Metro, when Robert saw the writing on the receipt for their coffees, the pair confronted the staff, who tried to pass it off as an inside joke.

It clearly was not, and even if it was, it should still be a termination offense. Robert White was extremely angry.

“It was aimed at both of us,” he told The U.K. Sun. “It’s blatant and is an insult to a fat person. I pointed it out to my partner and she confronted them.”


The employees, understandably, did not want the Whites to keep the receipt.

“We picked the receipt up so we could keep it, because they wanted to throw it away but we kept hold it of it. I said, ‘I want that,’” Robert White explained.

In the face of the extreme insult, to hear Robert White tell it, the couple remained extremely polite.


“My partner said ‘Can you tell me why this is on the receipt, please?’ and the woman said, ‘Oh, it’s just a joke between us,’” Robert White explained.

Bologna — and the couple knew it.

“We saw the person who picked up the receipt look over at (Sherrie) and they laughed,” Robert White explained. “So it was clearly them laughing at us, it was a direct insult. They reckoned it was a joke between them, but it blatantly wasn’t.”

The woman who wrote the nasty note no longer works for Costa, according to the Metro, and good riddance.

A spokesperson for Costa reportedly said, “We were concerned to hear about this incident and have been in contact with the customer to apologize.” However, for Sherrie White, the damage was already done.

“I felt awful. It made me feel terrible about myself,” she told The Sun. “You don’t expect to see that on a bit of paper when you buy something.”

Overweight is a serious problem with significant negative consequences for anyone carrying extra pounds, so it’s certainly not an issue that should be ignored. However, there’s quite a difference between constructively discussing someone’s health with them and shaming two people you don’t even know.

But some people just don’t know how to act.

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