Computer Programmer Admits To Being Paid To Rig Voting Booths


Talk of vote-rigging and election fraud has many Americans concerned, especially Republicans. However, we’re constantly reassured by the media that nothing is wrong. So, who to believe?

Well, perhaps you should believe Clinton Eugene Curtis. He’s a computer programmer and former employee of ExxonMobil and NASA. He also claims that, at the behest of former Florida Rep. Tom Feeney, he was told to write a program for electronic voting machines that would rig close elections for whoever had control of the program.

Curtis was questioned before Congress in 2004, in this video uploaded by hacktivist group Anonymous. He was asked by attorney Cliff Arnebeck, “Mr Curtis, are there programs that can be used to secretly fix elections?”

When he responded affirmatively, he was asked, “How do you know that to be the case?”

“Because in October of 2000 I wrote a prototype for present Congressman Tom Feeney, at the company I work for in Oviedo, Florida, that did just that,” Curtis said. “It would flip the vote 51 – 49 to whoever you wanted it to go to, and whichever race you wanted it to win.”

“And would that program that you designed be something that elections officials, that might be on county boards of elections, could detect?” Arnebeck asked.

“They’d never see it,” Curtis said. “You would have to view it either in the source code, or you’d have to have a receipt, and then count the hard paper against the actual vote total. Other than that, you won’t see it.”

You can watch the video for yourself here:

Given the stakes in this election, and the poll rigging that we’ve already seen, what Curtis said should have a lot of resonance with American voters — especially Trump voters. While the man that Curtis purportedly wrote it for was a Republican, establishment Democrats could clearly do something very similar if given the opportunity.

If you have any doubts, please — ask for a paper ballot. It’s the one way in which you can make sure your vote counts.

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